I had a huge post to write but then I re-read the webcomic from my previous post and remembered.

"Don’t let them break you down."

However I don’t want to have to say a word. Not today, maybe not all week if I didn’t have to work. I just want to be alone with my thoughts, I just want to be left alone so I can be with me.
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Hey here is my full 2299 comic in a more readable format, I feel like with the Robin Williams news it’s particular poignant and timely and I wanted to share the whole thing. 

2299 is full of awesome comics and it’s only $2 and all profits are going to the Heroes Initiative and it includes another Kyle Starks comic i did with Cool Bro Dylan Todd.  So, please, support your indie comic makers and get like 80 pages of goodness.  It’s available now on Gumroad.

Please, don’t let them break you.

This is a stunning short comic.

Check this out.

And then I read this comic and had a lot to think about.

Spent five hours over at yangin-atep's house developing a project that we plan on co-writing.  I had so much fun.

Got home around two in the morning and it’s eight thirty right now.  Been up for nearly twenty four hours straight and no sign of falling asleep.  I’ve been stumbling through social media and writing for the past four hours.

I’m accomplishing a great deal lately yet I cannot help but realize I am depressed.  It isn’t a general sense of malaise and I am definitely not feeling discouraged, it is very hard to describe, it is an issue.

There is an incredible sense of isolation.  I do not know where it is coming from.  I’ve been surrounded by people at work, seeing friends and family and chatting online with those I haven’t been able to meet up with, however a perplexing and multi-faceted emotion is plaguing me.

Maybe I just need to get outside of the city.  Go to the mountains for a weekend, even just a day, they aren’t far away.  Before I figure that out I most likely should eat some breakfast, and perhaps read a book.  It is my day off.

Work + Gym + Writing = No social life.

I need to keep a strict regimen though, at least for the next few months as they are crucial, and then I am sure things will open up once more and I will be able to socialize again.

Probably after NaNoWriMo in November.

Oh yeah, sleep is going to have to sit on the back burner for now as well.

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Phil: What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?

Ralph: That about sums it up for me.

-Groundhog Day

Baby got books.

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me: republicans and democrats are both useless
dad: yeah, right on
me: both parties are ineffective, minor factional splits within the same general ideology, and their representatives are completely out of touch with the average person's reality
dad: yeah, I guess
me: the only thing that can save us now is absolute revolution
dad: wait what
me: we start by dismantling white supremacy and patriarchal hierarchies, adopting the practice of decolonization, while simultaneously retiring capitalism and private property, and redistributing all wealth and resources
dad: no stop-
The last two lines. This is priceless.
"I will not refrain from writing Caucasian, male lead characters because it has been done before. I will not be challenged to write strong, female leads so young women have role models to look up to. I will write interesting, thought provoking, fully detailed characters full of life because they deserve to be written. To approach writing a female lead in such a way is demeaning. Thought provoking males are written without a special call to arms and I will do so with any gender or ethnicity. I can only speak for myself and not other writers. Privilege in society does not equate to biased writing on my behalf. Females will rise and fall under my pen, just as their male counterparts will as well."

— Iconnu
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Just last night, in thirty minutes, I taught a friend of mine how to become a more refined and eloquent writer than I am.

I’ve found my niche.


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1. why write: It’s the only place in my head that’s quiet enough to breathe and loud enough to break things.

2. aesthetic: Floral prints and winged eyeliner.

3. the process: Waking up at 2AM to vomit up poetry and then going back to sleep.

4. the moment right now: warm and full of anticipation.

5. shortcomings: I will love until my hands are bloody and carry on loving even after that.

6. a writer is: the closest thing to a human thunderstorm.

Love this.

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