I’ve taken on several writing projects, expect more to be featured on this account in the upcoming months.

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"Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it."

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (via larmoyante)

Rejection. 1

Received my first of many rejection letters to come.

I am going to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate, and to facilitate some additional writing of course.

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I want to be next to you right now, exactly like this.  You are my best friend.

My laptop finally died on me, I’m writing this from my phone.

The woman I love is on the other side of the country, we share a journal, I’ll be writing in it and we will be mailing it more often now.

I will be writing my current manuscript on my typewriter, which I need a ribbon for. I haven’t used one in years.

No more Skype sessions. I am going to miss seeing her smile, in real time and not in photos, nearly more than anything I can imagine.

Working underpaid part time jobs and not being paid for the work you put into your craft leaves little room to make ends meet, let alone purchase luxuries such as another laptop. So frustrated right now, my boss also screwed up the schedule and I am working seven days straight, on the sixth day right now.

Insomnia is killing me, up until five or six am every morning, sleep until around noon, no time to really get anything done and when I get off its night and I need to go home. At home there is my writing at least.

Kind of rambling here.

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"I’m scared to be an uncertainty,
I regret that I am not fire."

Alexander Vvedensky  (via lonehands)

I’m going to retreat into myself, say a thing, then come back and write some words down.

I’m having a very difficult time existing this morning.

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Anonymous said: Dumb question: what's your middle name, and do you like it?


My middle name is 

& I love it. 

Go ask Moriah some questions, she has an awesome Q&A session open right now.

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Loud Noises!

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You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, iphone, itunes, media player, etc and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping

  1. Greensleeves – Vince Guaraldi Trio
  2. Wond’ring Aloud – Jethro Tull
  3. Into The Sun – Sean Lennon
  4. I Might Survive – Architecture In Helsinki
  5. Cheerleader – Grizzly Bear
  6. Baby’s On Fire – Die Antwoord
  7. Something – The Beatles
  8. Red Song – All Hands On Jane
  9. Take, Take, Take – The White Stripes
  10. Misterioso – Thelonious Monk
  11. Black Nostaljack – Camp Lo
  12. Gonna Make My Own Money – Deap Vally
  13. A Tear For Eddie – Ween
  14. Scott Wood – Dandi Wind
  15. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys
  16. Sacrilege – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  17. If I Think – Mudhoney
  18. I Wanna Take You Out – Part Time
  19. Get Your Hands Off My Woman – The Darkness
  20. Pirate Jenny (Live) – Nina Simone

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